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Alpexia is now out! Go grab your copy at you local App Store!

A New Generation In Puzzle Games.

In a world full of blocks and many solutions, your mission is to fill all the empty spaces with copies of yourself. Whether your swiping, teleporting, restarting, or undoing, the clock has started and you now have to race to the finish. With over 90 levels, and many more to come, Aplexia will keep you entertained for many hours.

The game will start out slowly while introducing various blocks and concepts. Just when you think you have something mastered, Aplexia will prove you wrong.

Aplexia 1.0 features 90 levels and 3 types of blocks to challenge you. The levels span over 3 packs and each pack will incorporate a new block. New versions will include new levels, blocks, and online features.

Do you accept the challenge?

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Do You Accept The Challenge?

Of course you do, you’d be crazy if you didn’t! Get Aplexia on your iOS device Now!

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